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You won't lose your inspiration library again

Designbase helps you to collect and store your visual inspiration within your Dropbox folder. Even if you forgot the name of this website, all your images will stay with you.

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Yet another visual bookmark tool? Yes, so many tools out there and that's why we're here

We save all your images in your Dropbox

We keep the folder structure in your Dropbox exactly as you'll create it on Designbase. It means you can use it offline on your desktop or easy upload the whole library to another service.

Chrome Extension: right click on any image to save it

The easiest way to save images on Designbase is to install a Chrome Extension. And then on a right click on any image, you just have to select a collection name. Or you can just drag and drop images directly into your browser on the collection page.

It costs nothing

Google drive asks $1.99 for 100GB storage, other visual bookmark sites ask $4-5 just to keep your images, in my opinion, it's incomparable. Design base is free.

Sharing, customization, performance

We're doing everything possible to achieve a native app performance on the web.